How Republicans are Organized in Clark County & Nevada

All registered voters are divided into Precincts depending upon population density, then by county Commission District, then by County, and finally by State.

There are also various geographic divisions for election purposes including:

Use these links to find your Precinct, Commission District and Elected Officials.

Precinct Meetings & the Caucus Process

Registered Republican voters are encouraged to attend precinct meetings which are part of the caucus process. Every general election (even numbered) year the Clark County Republican Party hosts a number of precinct meetings.

At the precinct meetings all Republicans from each individual precinct, meet together to discuss Republican issues, such as recommendations for the platform of the county party.

During presidential election years there is a straw poll vote taken at each meeting to determine support for each announced Republican presidential candidate.

Each precinct will nominate and elect a Precinct Captain as well as Delegates and Alternates to the Clark County Republican Convention.

The number of delegates from each precinct is determined by the number of registered Republicans and population within each precinct. Precinct delegates will also be first in line to become voting members of the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC).

Precinct Captains

Precinct Captains have important duties to perform such as:

  • Organize precinct volunteers in canvassing voters
  • Assist with registering Republicans
  • Assist in get out the vote drives
  • Keep a list of alternates to fill precinct vacancies at the County Convention
  • Keep regularly involved with registered Republicans within their precinct.

Clark County Republican Convention

The Clark County Republican Convention may be attended by any registered Republican living in Clark County, Nevada.  Only delegates who were elected at their precinct meetings (or alternates who moved up due to delegates not in attendance) are eligible to vote at this Convention.

The purpose of the Clark County Republican Convention is to:

  • Elect delegates to the Nevada State Republican Convention
  • Adopt a county platform
  • Elect a Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) to conduct business until the next county convention
  • Amend and adopt Bylaws
  • Any other business as may properly be brought to the floor

Nevada State Republican Convention

Delegates to the Nevada Republican Convention are elected by the delegates at the various county conventions whose job is to represent their county at the state convention every 2 years. The state convention essentially mirrors the purpose of the county convention, but at the state level.

Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC)

The CCRCC holds bi-monthly meetings to conduct business in-between the meetings of the Clark County Republican Convention. Central Committee meetings are intended to conduct business of the Clark County Republican Party at a local-grassroots level.

The CCRCC membership elect:

  • An executive board to coordinate day-to-day operations and fundraising for the Clark County Republican Party
  • A delegation to represent Clark County Republicans at the state level in the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC)

The CCRCC may also vote to amend bylaws and transact other business properly brought to the floor.

Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC)

The number of delegates from each county to the NRCC is based upon the number of registered Republican voters within each county. The NRCC holds periodic meetings to conduct business at the state level between meetings of the Nevada State Republican Convention.

Delegates from each county to the NRCC meet on a less frequent basis than the CCRCC and work together to handle the business and direction of the Republican Party across the state of Nevada.

Nevada Republican Party

The Nevada Republican Party cooperates with the Republican National Committee and communicates with the various county Republican parties across Nevada to promote state-wide initiatives. The state Republican party is not always involved in local-grassroots issues.