The 2024 Platform of the Clark County Republican Party

The Clark County Republican Party is committed to the timeless truths enshrined in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. We affirm the Constitution is not a “living” or evolving document that changes due to events, circumstances, or social movements. It is timeless.

Every American is entitled to the blessings of liberty. Our nation has thrived as a melting pot with people of all backgrounds, faiths, races, and nationalities. We remain committed to a big tent for the Republican Party where diverse individuals and their viewpoints are valued and welcomed.

Our founders developed a framework to secure inalienable rights, protect our freedom, and empower individuals to compete, succeed, and flourish in their own lives. The brilliance of the values and leadership of our founding fathers is as relevant today as it was in 1789.

The freedom of Americans is under assault today through the weaponization of the justice system, censorship, skyrocketing crime, open borders, and refusal by authorities to enforce the law. Future generations will judge us by asking, “is America still free?” What we do today will determine how that question will be answered.

Freedom is Fundamental

  • Only Parents/Guardians should have the freedom to choose from public, private, charter, alternative, or homeschooling options. The funding must follow the child.
  • We support academic performance metrics that bring accountability to CCSD teachers, eliminating the minimum F policy, and establishing merit-based standards.
  • We encourage Republicans to become teachers in either a full-time or substitute capacity.
  •  All children should have access to a safe environment for a quality education with an emphasis on learning the basics of reading, writing, science, and mathematics.
  • Only Parents/Guardians should have an active role in their children’s education and be fully informed about school policies, materials, and instruction.
  • Schools should teach the biology of sex but not promote information that isn’t age- appropriate or emphasizes gender identification or sexual orientation. Only Parents/Guardians can opt in.
  • We oppose instruction that incorporates concepts from Critical Race Theory, racist generalizations, or Marxist doctrine.
  •  A nation without secure borders is not a nation.
  • Clark County should not be a sanctuary county.
  • We support legal, safe, and orderly immigration that benefits Americans.
  •  Immigration laws should be enforced. Asylum claims should be processed at official ports of entry. All immigrants should be fully vetted before entering the country.
  • The Biden Administration’s open border policy endangers communities, enriches the cartels, encourages human trafficking, and contributes to 100,000 fentanyl deaths a year.
  •  We support the rights of states to defend their borders.
  • We honor law enforcement and border patrol officers who defend our nation.
Election Integrity
  •  It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat, and those who break election laws should be prosecuted.
  •  American confidence in our election process is extremely low. Remaining free depends on our ability to operate elections with integrity, accountability, and credibility.
  •  Voters must be citizens and be required to show a photo ID when voting.
  • Mass mailing of ballots and use of drop boxes should be discontinued.
  • Automatic voter registration at the DMV should be discontinued.
  • Absentee voting should be allowed for cause upon application.
  • Signature matching and verification should be required for all mail ballots.
  • No ballots should be counted that arrive after election day.
  •  Paper ballots should be used.
  • Vote counting should begin as soon as the polls close. It should be conducted openly, with observers present, proceed until all votes are counted, and results announced immediately.
  • We strongly oppose Ranked Choice Voting.
  • We strongly oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.
Crime and Self-Defense
  • The CCRP supports our constitutional right to bear arms. We should not be misled into thinking we can make ourselves safer by making ourselves more vulnerable.
  • The CCRP recognizes crime has surged under the Biden Administration. Murder, shoplifting, assault, and drug trafficking have increased. This is a direct result of Democratic policies thatdowngrade offenses, eliminate cash bail, inhibit the prosecution of offenders, and admit illegal immigrants into the country without fully vetting them.
  • We support the election of officials who will enforce the constitutional law and exact punishment for those who break it.
  • We wholeheartedly support the excellent work of our constitutional police officers and first responders.
  • We support additional funding for the investigation and prosecution of child sex trafficking.
  • We support the right to life for the born and unborn.
  • We oppose third-trimester abortions, even though extreme Democratic leaders advocate abortion, without restrictions, through all nine months.
  •  Abortion is a state issue, and we support following the law, although as individuals we will continue to fight for human rights at all stages of development.
  • We advocate compassionate care and support for pregnant women, and their children, who are in difficult situations and choose life.
Religion and Speech
  • Freedom of speech and religion are constitutional rights that must be protected.
  • No Americans should be penalized, subject to retaliation, or censored for peacefully expressing their views.
  • Efforts to censor speech or religion through direct governmental intervention, or in partnership with social or news media, must not be permitted in any form.
Taxes and Budgets
  • The CCRP supports balanced budgets, financial transparency, zero-based budgeting, and auditing of all governmental departments and expenditures.
  • We support maintaining Nevada as a state without an income tax.
  • We will support candidates who are committed to reducing the national debt.
  • Foreign aid should be eliminated when there is no accountability for how the money is spent or it is not in America’s interest.
Health Care
  •  The CCRP believes everyone should have access to full and effective health care.
  •  We believe in the freedom of the individual to make personal choices regarding health care, free of governmental mandates or directives.
  •  Parents/Guardians should have the right to make health care choices for their minor children, in accordance with the law, and in consultation with their doctors.
  •  We support a free market approach to health insurance that allows individuals to have a say in their coverage, choosing from government and private sector options.
  • We strongly oppose chemical or surgical gender re-assignment for minors.
Independence from Foreign Influence
  • Federal and state governments should give priority to buying American goods and services rather than purchasing them from other countries.
  • America should remove unnecessary regulatory burdens and costs to unleash American ingenuity and eliminate reliance on other countries.
  • Elected officials who illegally enrich themselves from foreign governments and businesses should be prosecuted.
  • America should be self-sufficient and not rely on other countries for essential goods and services.
  • Prohibit the ownership of land from foreign entities.


Water and Energy
  • We support energy independence that eliminates reliance on foreign countries and maintains the free flow of energy at market prices.
  • Mandates on energy sources and use should be abolished.
  • Regulatory and tax policies should support development of reliable domestic resources that can fuel American economic growth.
  • We support reworking state and regional agreements to provide Southern Nevada with enough water to support growth.
  • We support long-term development of economically viable alternative energy sources.
  • As Nevada receives only a small percent of water under the seven state 1922 Colorado River Compact, we support adjusting the compact and construction of desalination plants along the Pacific Ocean.
National Security
  • We support a strong and well-resourced military and national security apparatus that serves all citizens free from political bias or favoritism.
  • We are committed to reducing American involvement in foreign wars.
  • The Veterans Administration should be well-funded and subject to rigorous oversight to ensure our heroes receive prompt care and benefits.
Political Ethics and Integrity
  • All elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels should uphold, endorse, and defend the policies and procedures of their offices.
  • Public officials should serve their constituents with integrity, decency, and an “open-door” policy.
  • We support zero-based budgeting and the auditing of all governmental departments and expenditures, including the billions in foreign aid for which no one is presently accountable.
  •  We support term limits for Federal offices.
  •  Candidates and Elected Officials must have a primary address in their district.
Clark County
  • Las Vegas is a great place to call home. But Clark County needs conservative, common sense leaders.
  • Clark County leaders should focus on meeting the needs of our citizens. Our schools are a disaster, key roads close for months at a time while there is little evidence any work is being performed, and local businesses suffer because customers cannot get to them.
  •  CCRP is committed to increasing the number of Republican elected officials from the county. Clark County voters are split nearly evenly between the two major parties and our state legislative and county delegations should reflect that.
  •  County commissioners, the LVCVA, and other local authorities should put a priority on the interests of our average citizens rather than simply investing in events that enrich only the wealthiest in our community.
  • Only permit official flags of the United States, Nevada or Clark County to fly over government buildings.
  • We do not support athletes participating in sports that don’t align with their biological gender.
Economic Growth
  •  Clark County Republicans believe the best way to provide for the well-being of our citizens is to foster an environment where good jobs are plentiful.
  •  Opportunities for people to improve their lives will increase if we allow the free enterprise system to function as intended, remove unnecessary and counterproductive regulations, and maintain reasonable rates of taxation.
  •  We support maintaining a strong social safety net that provides benefits and services to those who are in genuine need, including the temporarily unemployed, sick, and disabled.