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Join the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) to participate in your local party.

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The CCRP needs your time and talents. There are many ways you can help. Volunteer and make a difference.

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Contributions helps the CCRP support electing more Republicans.  You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation.

Message from the Chairman

Goals for 2023 and 2024:

    1. We are committed to achieving victories for Republicans at every level, starting with the county races up to the president.

    2. Making a system that connects presidential campaigns, RNC efforts, and local races.

    3. Securing Wins in Commission A & C, 3 Assembly Seats, 2 House Seats, the U.S. Senate, and Capturing Nevada for the Presidential Race.

    4. Training and Mobilizing 500 Precinct Captains to Form an Unprecedented Republican Force within the Clark County Republican Party.

    5. Recruiting and Preparing 2000 Poll Workers for the Upcoming 2024 General Election.
    6. Ensuring Accountability of County Commissioners.

Become a member (we need you!)

If you live in Clark County, Nevada and want to join us:

  1. Become a registered Republican voter.
  2. Apply for membership in the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC). This is the voting membership body behind the Clark County Republican Party (CCRP).
  3. Attend the bi-monthly CCRCC meetings
  4. Participate in local party activities, grassroots activism and other initiatives at your discretion. Subscribe here for our newsletter updates.
  5. Donate because well-organized, important initiatives are stronger with your support.

When you want to get further involved in the Clark County Republican Party here are some ways to help even more:

  • Volunteer with the Clark County Republican Party (CCRP). We appreciate your help organizing precincts, recruiting quality candidates, working with candidates, promoting election integrity and contacting voters.
  • Become a Precinct Captain or a Precinct Delegate to the bi-annual Clark County Republican Convention
  • Run for election as Trustee of the Clark County Republican Party representing your County Commission District
  • Run for election as a Delegate to the Nevada Republican Central Committee (state-level)
  • Run for election as a Republican Candidate in a partisan political position where you will compete against a Democrat
  • Volunteer or donate to local Republican candidate campaigns

FAQ: How does the Clark County Republican Party work with the Nevada State Republican Party? See the Answer