About CCRP

Mission Statement
The Clark County Republican Party unites and educates citizens on key political issues, urging them to support and vote for Republican candidates. We emphasize independence from excessive government control as the foundation for a thriving America.

Vision Statement
We strive to be the premiere Republican organization in the state of Nevada by providing all resources and information necessary for our citizens to make an informed vote, resulting in conservative representation in all areas of government.

Executive board

Jesse Law

Devin Livziey
Vice Chairman

Sally Minster

Heather Florian
Political Director

Teresa Handcox

District Trustees

District A

Melanie Johnston
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District B

Anthony Palmer
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District C

Saroj Singh
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District D

Tracy Mitchell
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District E

Edgar Licea
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District F

Kevin Child
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District G

Alan Hedrick
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What is the difference between CCRP and CCRCC?

Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRP) is the group responsible for managing the business of the Clark County Republican Party. It acts as the official Republican political organization in the county, performing duties required by law and overseeing a full-time Party program. Essentially, the Clark County Republican Party is like a brand name for the Clark County Republican Central Committee.

How does the CCRP work with the Nevada GOP?

The Clark County Republican Party focuses on local grassroots issues. While it receives some funding from the national level, its main role is dealing with local concerns. The Nevada State Republican Party also gets national funding but primarily focuses on broader state-level matters. Both county and state organizations engage in fundraising, support Republican candidates, and collaborate in their respective areas.