The Mission Statement

The Clark County Republican Party exists to unify and educate citizens regarding current political issues and successfully motivate them through a call to action to elect Republican candidates. We will achieve this through outreach and alignment of all local Republican groups and individuals creating and communicating a common platform of principles and goals, encouraging citizens to donate and hold key official positions focused on driving voter turnout and insuring election integrity.

The Republican Party is built on America works best and America prospers when individuals and families can maintain their independence from government.

Vision Statement

We strive to be the premiere Republican organization in the state of Nevada by providing all resources and information necessary for our citizens to make and informed vote resulting in conservative representation in all areas of government.

Executive Board



Jesse Law
[email protected]


Devin Livziey
Vice-Chairman (Pro tem) 
[email protected]


Sally Minster
 [email protected]



Teresa Hancox
[email protected]


Heather Florian
Political Director
[email protected]




What is the difference between CCRP and CCRCC?

The Clark County Republican Central Committee is the committee that does the business of the Clark County Republican Party.

A Republican County Central Committee is the official Republican political organization within the county. The committee performs duties that are prescribed by law and does all things necessary to carry on a full-time Party program.

The Clark County Republican Party is essentially a brand name for the Clark County Republican Central Committee.



Find your Commission District here >> Commission


    • Heidi Clingen- A

    • Anthony Palmer – B

    • Saroj Singh – C

    • Devin Livziey – D

    • Edgar Licea – E

    • Kevin Child – F

    • Natalie Thomas – G







Special Committees


    • General & Administrative Committee
      Chairman: Gracine Mcfie

    • Candidate Development Committee
      Chairman: Helen Oseguera

    • Precinct Committee
      Chairman: Al Rojas

    • Community Relations Committee
      Chairman: Perri Tiggeman

    • Membership Committee
      Chairman: Erica Neely

    • Finance / fundraising Committee
      Chairman: Jesse Law

    • Strategic Initiatives Committee
      Chairman: Heather Florian


How does the Clark County Republican Party work with the Nevada State Republican Party?

The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to focus on grassroots issues.

The Nevada State Republican Party receives some funding from a national level and may help the County-level Parties in some ways. It is not their main role to help Republicans with local-grassroots issues.

Both the county and state-level organizations can (and should) do fundraising as well as support Republican candidates and each other in their respective areas.

How Republicans are Organized in Clark County & Nevada

All registered voters are divided into Precincts depending upon population density, then by county Commission Districts, then by County, and finally by State.

There are also various geographic divisions for election purposes including: 




Use these links to find your Precinct, Commission District and Elected Officials
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