Together We Restore, Rebuild & Renew the CCRP

On behalf of the new Executive Board team, I want to thank each of you and welcome you to your new Clark County Republican Central Committee. 

Together we will restore an open, transparent and purposeful organization.  As your board, we are committed to leading with integrity, respect and to provide purpose for your enthusiasm. 

We are overwhelmed with the support from the Republicans across Clark County who share our County Party’s Pro-Trump and America First values.  Over 400 new Republicans sought CCRP membership by attending the July 20-28th meeting to support the election of our great team. We have spent the last week updating membership records and verifying Republican registrations of these great Patriots.
If you know someone who attended the meeting, check if they received this email, and if not, have them reach out.  
 Yesterday, the Nevada Republican Party officially recognized our Executive Board to lead Clark County to Victory in 2022!  I thank the tireless efforts of Chairman McDonald and his talented, dedicated team to unify the Republican base. 

Your newly elected officers and trustees include: Jesse Law, Chairman; Mike Steigman, Vice-Chair; Sally Minster, Secretary; Christine DeCorte, Treasurer; Patrick Casale, Political Director; Natalie Roach, Community Relations Director; Steve Esh, Precinct Director; Christopher Dyer, District B Trustee; and Christopher Hisgen, District D Trustee.

In the last few days, I met with senior members of the RNC, Trump Campaign, and executives at DataTrust to discuss 2020 lessons learned: the pitfalls of a divided, uncooperative county party structure versus our opportunity to serve our community by becoming a unified, trained, and robust political force to deliver the Red Wave we work for.  These leaders have assured me that under our leadership and vision, the Clark County Republican Party has their full support. Our discussion was specific: how will national leaders support the CCRP’s robust plans for the largest grassroots precinct program in its history?  The innovation that DataTrust offers for targeting voter registration and voter contacts is a tremendous asset for 2022.
Over the next 60 days our team will accomplish the following:

  1. Streamline our membership process to increase our rolls to 750+ for the September meeting (half way to our goal of 1500 by July 2022)
  2. We are hosting our first fundraiser! Join us to welcome the new board on Friday, August 13 from 6-9PM at the Italian American Club, 2333 E Sahara Ave.  $25 at the door!
  3. Present a plan to remotely connect our General Meetings to outlying county communities in Mesquite and Laughlin
  4. Present and recommend a small dollar sustaining donor program of at least $5 / month to all members with a goal to reach $5000/month in member donations by 2022
  5. Launch a CCRP newsletter increasing communication and operational transparency 
  6. Modernize & Operationalize our web/ social presence to reflect local issues, meeting info, club affiliates, the precinct program, and of course applications to join the CCRP
  7. Meet with affiliate Republican Clubs and recruit our members to join and support these great organizations
  8. Host our first precinct program training setting a goal of 1000 trained precinct captains by July of 2022. We are already producing our training curriculum

Calling All Patriots to Action: Parents First

Our local parents in Clark County need us. The CCRP is organizing our members toward effective activism within the Clark County School District by launching our Parents First Activism Program.  Parents First organizes school board meeting attendance, rapid response and centralized communication, and will initiate recalls on bad actors on the school board whose votes abandon Parents’ Rights and have led to forcing our children to wear masks, the recommendation of vaccination without parental notification or consent, CRT, and more. Parents have the right to determine their children’s future, and it’s time the Clark County School Board Trustees are accountable to parents.  Our opportunity to serve and lead within our community begins with each of us. Join the CCRP’s new inititative, Parents First!

We are looking for leaders to help in this effort.  Sign up by clicking here and look out for our first organizational meeting to coincide with our precinct workshop.

Remember, this is your party. If there’s something you think should be done or would like to take a leadership role in, reach out to any one of us. 
Please spread the word that we are actively searching for new members, new candidates, and new leaders. 

This is only the beginning, and we will see you Friday, August 13 from 6-9PM at the Italian American Club for our Celebration of the Newly Elected Officers! 

Jesse Law
Clark County Republican Party